Advanced Rummy Strategies – Analysing Starting Hands

The foremost strategy in all card games lies in making the first move. The decision to enter the game or drop out depends entirely on the type of the hand you are dealt with. Unlike Poker where you are dealt with only 2 cards, you require detailed analysis of the 13 cards dealt. This is why it is called as thinking man’s poker and you require advanced rummy strategies to win.

Good rummy strategies always depend on both probability and calculation of the winning odds; therefore, analysis of the best starting hands in rummy also depends on the same. Here you will get the best rummy strategies on whether to play the hand or drop it depending on the accurate analysis of the starting hands.

Premium Hand - 2 Pure Sequences + 1 or more Sequences + 1 or more Jokers

This is a dream hand for all rummy players! Although the possibility of getting is very rare but if you hit it, you can probably win the game in the first three moves. This is a sure shot winning hand and could get your opponents penalized with maximum points. If you get lucky with this hand, just go all in!

Strong Hand - 1 Pure Sequence + 1 or more Sequences + 1 or more Jokers

This is similar to Premium Hand where you need to put less effort to win. The winning odds with this hand are very high and winning the game would not take much time. The best rummy strategy would be to arrange another pure sequence and use the Jokers to complete a set or sequence.

Good Hand - 1 Pure Sequence + 1 or more Jokers

A hand with a pure sequence is always favourable to play than getting no pure sequence at all. This along with a joker increases the chances of winning; the only real effort you need to make is to get another pure sequence to complete the objective of the game.

Average Hand - 1 Pure Sequence with No Joker

This is a tricky hand to play. Winning a rummy game with this hand depends on your level of expertise and the right execution of rummy strategies. Although the chances of winning with this hand are quite bleak, expert rummy players love to play this hand; a pure sequence is enough for them to venture out with this hand.

Weak Hand - No Sequence and No Joker

This is the most commonly dealt hand in Indian Rummy. The decision to play this hand depends on the type of cards you are death with. If your hand includes a lot of high value cards like Kings, Queens, Jokers and Aces along with non-connecting cards, the best rummy strategy would be to go for first drop. However, if you are dealt with lots of connecting cards, chances of winning depend on the way you play the game.

So, analyse your starting hand by using these advanced rummy strategies and win more at!

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