Canasta Rummy Online

Canasta Rummy is an interesting variation of online rummy games. The game itself has many variations that have different rules with varying number of players. Although the game has many types, the basic rules are the same that differs slightly from one variation to another. The popular ones are US American Canasta, Bolivian Canasta, Brazilian Canasta and Cuban Canasta.

It is difficult to discuss about the rules of general Canasta rummy, as there are many variations of the game. However, if we talk about the common rules, we can say that the game is played with two standard decks of 104 cards with Printed Jokers. Player need to make melds of seven cards of the same rank with the cards in the hand. Due to this feature, Canasta rummy is also known as a classic form of rummy games.

The game is played in rounds where all the players take turns to pick and discard cards to earn more points. The closed deck consists of face down cards that players need to draw. The open deck is the pile of cards discarded by the players; if a player wishes to use a card from the open deck, that card has to be used immediately. And, if the player wishes to discard that into the open deck, he has to pick all the cards in the way.

Players need to make sets with the cards in the hand. A set is a group of cards with at least three cards and can be formed up to 7 cards with the help of jokers. Two types of jokers are used in Canasta rummy, which makes the game very tricky. There are different winning scores for different types of Canasta rummy. Usually, the first player to score 5000 or the highest point wins the game.

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