Dummy Rummy

Dummy Rummy is a fun variant of rummy games, played in many parts of the world. It is a huge favourite among card players for its easy rules and exciting gameplay. If you want to learn how to play the amazing game of Dummy Rummy, we have all the list of rules of you at JungleeRummy.com.

Game Rules of Dummy Rummy

Dummy Rummy is mostly played with two standard decks with four Jokers. What makes Dummy Rummy different from the other rummy game variants, is that only two to four players can play the game and the card “Two” of any suit works like the Wild Jokers.

Gameplay of Dummy Rummy

Thirteen cards are dealt to each player just like the way, cards are dealt in Indian rummy games. The goal is to get rid of all the cards in the hand by forming sequences and sets. When a player gets rid of all the cards, the penalty scores of the other losing players are calculated based on their remaining cards in the hand. The player who has the least points after playing all the twelve hands wins the game.

Dummy Rummy game begins from the player to the left of the dealer and the turns continue clockwise. Players need to draw a card from the discard pile or from the closed deck and discard one of their cards on the discard pile. The game goes on till a player is able to get rid of all the cards from the hand by forming sequences and or sets. Card Two and Jokers can be used to replace any other card to form sequences and sets.

Hands used in Dummy Rummy

This is the part where the game gets a little complicated but remains equally exciting. There are twelve melds that each player has to form to complete the game. If a player is unable to form the appointed hand, he has to continue trying in the next rounds. The list of the hands is mentioned below:

• Two to three cards of the same kind
• Three cards of the same group
• Two to four cards of the same kind
• Four cards in two runs
• Two to three cards of the same kind
• One run of four cards
• One to three groups of the same kind
• Three cards of the same kind
• Two to five cards of the same kind
• Five cards in two runs
• A group of 8 cards of the same kind
• A run consisting of ten cards

This might take some to remember but if you keep practicing, you can learn all the hands easily.

How to Win in Dummy Rummy

When a player ‘goes out’ or gets rid of all the cards, he/she get zero point and the losing players get penalty points based on the total value of the cards remaining in the hands.

Points Calculation: Different cards have different point values. The point value assigned to each card is mentioned below:

• Cards from 3 to 9 have 5 points
• 10, J, Q and K have 10 points
• Aces have 15 points
• Card 2 and Jokers have 50 points.

As you have seen, Dummy Rummy is as simple as Indian rummy games! To know more about other amazing card variations, visit the ‘Rummy Variation’ learn more about other game rules. And if you wish to play 13 cards rummy, simply register at Junglee Rummy and join millions of active players to have great fun!

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